My work with Dr. Hassler supported the process of grieving the loss of my second parent concurrent with having moved while in the midst of a possible mid-life career change. My initial decision to work with her was based on her solid academic training and a good match between her specialty areas and my needs. Her warm engagement and penetrating insights helped me develop a repertoire of new skills for managing significant anxiety. As my awareness grew and my symptoms improved, our sessions morphed into sharing joy. Amelia holds the space where genuine healing can occur with compassion, wit and grace.

Susan (56) – M.S. Consultant

My life is immensely different today from a number of years ago when I first met Amelia. She has helped me through great loss, anger, and substance abuse, and lead me to understand the concept “Only you can do it, but you can’t do it alone.” With her guidance and encouragement, I have made decisions necessary to mend my life.

Amelia is thoughtful, insightful, and ­­­­possesses a great breadth of knowledge and experience. She truly engages herself for the benefit of her clients, and her pragmatic approach to life’s different issues is both stimulating and therapeutic. Today I am as happy and content as I have been in at least a decade.

—Fred (59) -M.D.

Dr. Hassler helped me immensely when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life. Her thoughtful reflection and insight served as an important guide. She helped me discover my own path in life and taught me the tools I needed to remain balanced and on track as I forged my way. Dr. Hassler always seemed to know when I needed a supportive ear or a swift (proverbial) kick to the pants. She always listened without trace of judgment or prejudice, but would not let me wallow or delude myself. She inspired a great trust in me, a trust I carry to this day. I left Dr. Hassler’s care a changed person, self-empowered to conquer life, and not hide from it. She has a unique blend of in-depth psychological knowledge, insightful reflection, and true empathy, which is rare in this field. Work with her has changed me, and left me a better person. I would highly and emphatically recommend her services without hesitation or qualm.

‘Lauren’ (36) –  M.S. Psychometrist