I provide comprehensive psychological evaluation & treatment to adults and adolescents. I do individual work, as well as couples & family work.

I treat everything from serious Mental Health concerns (such as Depression, Anxiety, and other psychological disorders)… to Personal & Relationship issues (like self-esteem & identity issues, life transitions, career & work related stress, trauma & loss, anger management, substance use, body image, gender & sexuality, family & relationship conflicts, etc.).

One area I specialize in is Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Anxiety Disorders (including Panic, OCD, Social & other Phobias, PTSD, and Generalized Anxiety).  This includes some of the newer Cognitive Behavioral approaches (like ACT) which utilize ‘mindfulness’ practices.

I also practice in the area of Health Psychology. This includes work with Chronic Pain, Coping with Chronic Illness, Stress Management, Mind-Body Medicine, Women’s Health, Cancer, HIV & other STDs, Sexual Dysfunction, Weight Control, and General Health & Illness Prevention. I am trained in the use of relaxation/mindfulness techniques, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, and other behavioral medicine strategies.
Finally, I have worked intensively with helping people who are struggling with Extramarital Affairs, or who are facing or going through Separation & Divorce. This can be approached either through individual or couples therapy. And it often entails helping facilitate the decision making process, and helping the individual or couple through both the practical and the emotional process of affairs and/or divorce. Divorce work includes how and when to tell children, and how to develop an effective co-parenting relationship.

In all of my clinical work, I take an individualized approach to treatment… drawing from all of my areas of knowledge and then tailoring the treatment to best meet each client’s specific needs and goals. My style is active, collaborative, and engaged, with a large emphasis on sharing information and psych-education.