Dr. Hassler helped me immensely when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life. Her thoughtful reflection and insight served as an important guide. She helped me discover my own path in life and taught me the tools I needed to remain balanced and on track as I forged my way. Dr. Hassler always seemed to know when I needed a supportive ear or a swift (proverbial) kick to the pants. She always listened without trace of judgment or prejudice, but would not let me wallow or delude myself. She inspired a great trust in me, a trust I carry to this day. I left Dr. Hassler’s care a changed person, self-empowered to conquer life, and not hide from it. She has a unique blend of in-depth psychological knowledge, insightful reflection, and true empathy, which is rare in this field. Work with her has changed me, and left me a better person. I would highly and emphatically recommend her services without hesitation or qualm.

‘Lauren’ (36)¬†–¬† M.S.¬†Psychometrist